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Hero 72 tpi is a 10 cm wide drum carder made of laminated birch overlaid with white HPL on both sides and has 72 tpi. The carding batter is made of nickel-plated steel wire on a cotton and natural rubber mat, which gives it a long lifespan. He will help you to prepare fibers for spinning, felting and more. You can card all kinds of fibers and even mix colors and structures together.

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Standard equipment
The Bliss 72 tpi is supplied as standard with a doffer pin, doffer brush and table clamps.

No installation
The Bliss 72 tpi is delivered almost fully assembled, you just have to slide the table clamps into the appropriate holes and tighten them.

46 tpi vs 72 tpi
Perhaps the most frequently asked question is what fineness of batter do I need? We adhere to the following rule of thumb. If you are mainly carding stronger wool or dirty wool, it is best to go for 46 tpi. If you mainly card finer fibers, the carding mill with 72 tpi is most suitable.

The Hero 72 tpi is produced in the Netherlands by the Lou√ęt company in Lochem. This drum carder is produced on modern machines using the most beautiful materials (laminated birch plywood with white HPL on both sides). This rugged construction ensures your drum carder will stand the test of time and provide years of reliable performance. We are proud that we can produce this high-quality drum carder together with various partners with an eye for detail and quality.

A hero for life
Whichever Hero you choose, the Hero is not just any drum carder. The modern contemporary design and beautiful finish bring a special piece of Dutch design into your home. Start your carding adventure today and discover the limitless possibilities.

Would you prefer a Hero with 46 tpi? Then take a look at our Hero 46 tpi.


Additional information

Weight 6,2 kg
Dimensions 48 × 29 × 31 cm
Carding cloth

72 TPI

Batt size

83 x 10 cm, appr. 40 gr

Surface speed ratio


Net weight

4,4 kg



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  1. Gregor

    I love the Hero. I have it for many years already and I have the 72 tpi version. I have a giant with 46 tpi as well, so the Hero is the karding machine i use for finer wool and fibers. I use it to kaard soft fleeces like BFL or Shetland and I also use it to mix or blend any kind of fibers. I use the bord to insert the fibers and in case of mixing or blending, I also use the karding role right away, like “painting on the karding machine”, to bring the fibers right onto the big wheel.
    The design is perfect for me, I love the white and slender machine. I love that you can make small fleeces on the smaller machine. The machine is steady on the table due to the table clamps and I use it a lot for blending and mixing.
    Great design, great price, very good price/value correlation.

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