We love wool

This story is about Woolmakers. Rest assured, we will not use woolly language. We love the world around us. Enjoy nature and we like to be creative. But above all we love wool and that also applies to our products. Wool is sustainable, healthy and you can experience the most beautiful creations.

Innovative design

The world of handicraft products opened up to us 10 years ago. We started designing our own products. We started selling our products online so that we can keep prices low. We still do this to this day.

Together for a better world. The earth offers us everything. From the air we breathe, the food we eat, to the clothes we wear. We are part of nature. Our dream is to create a better world by using wool the right way and encouraging others to join us.

We do not do disposable items.

Fast food, fast fashion? Woolmakers products are not fast, but are built to last a lifetime. We fight against the disposable economy by making our products stronger and smarter, so you can enjoy them longer.

We are ready for you.

When you buy a Woolmakers, you get a whole team of experts. We ensure that your Woolmakers product continues to work. We try to answer your questions as quickly as possible. And keep you inspired to create beautiful products.

We are unstoppable. We were born in Enschede, but our products are used worldwide.

Wool enthusiasts from Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, Sweden, Finland, England, France and Japan and a rapidly increasing number of other countries worldwide enjoy using our products.