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The Bliss, our beautiful scotch tension spinning wheel, has one large pedal. Has a contemporary design and a very nice, quiet and light operation. The Bliss is made of laminated birch plywood with white HPL on both sides and is therefore easy to clean.

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Standard equipment

When you order a Bliss, you not only order the spinning wheel itself, but also three bobbins to get you started. The Bliss is equipped with a handy built-in lazy kate for a total of five bobbins, with which you can easily twist. Plus, you’ll receive the latest flyer with sliding hooks for precise control to fill your bobbin.


At Woolmakers we have a beautiful collection of accessories. However, the most popular choice is our extra bobbin set, a great addition. With this set you get three extra bobbins and three lazy kate axles. So you can store a total of 6 bobbins on the Bliss, giving you even more options to make beautiful creations.

Easy installation

The Bliss is delivered unassembled in a flat, handy packaging. We understand that not everyone is a technical whiz, but don’t worry, our comprehensive manual features clear photos and takes you step by step through the assembly process. In no time you will have your Bliss ready for your next spinning adventure. If you still have questions, we have an extensive FAQ to answer your questions or you can contact us. We are happy to help you.

Scotch Tension vs Irish Tension

The Bliss has a Scotch Tension system with the drive belt on the flyer and a brake belt on the bobbin. This causes the bobbin to spin slower than the flyer, which adds twist. Irish Tension has the drive belt on the bobbin, and a brake band on the flyer ensures that the flyer turns slower than the spool, which provides extra twist.


The Bliss is produced in the Netherlands by the Lou√ęt company in Lochem. This spinning wheel is produced on modern machines using the most beautiful materials (laminated birch plywood with white HPL on both sides). We are proud that we can produce this high-quality spinning wheel together with various partners with an eye for detail and quality.

A spinning friend for life

Whether you choose the standard equipment or a Bliss with many accessories, the Bliss is not just a spinning wheel. The modern contemporary design and beautiful finish bring a special piece of Dutch design into your home. Start your spinning adventure today and discover the limitless possibilities.

Would you prefer a Bliss with two pedals? Then take a look at our Bliss TT.


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1 review for Bliss (ScT)

  1. Gregor (verified owner)

    What a great spinning wheel. I use these wheels in my workshops and most people are delighted with the modern design and the fine spinning. Bliss makes it easy for people to get used to the spinning movements and one can get through the first struggles of spinning easily. From then on its pure joy to work with a Bliss. Its very silent, has 4 different speeds, an easy to adjust scotch tension and looks terrific. I am a huge fan of the woolmakers design, its modern, classical and affordable. For me, the Bliss is the best choice for a spinning wheel and I love working on it.

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