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The art yarn flyer is optimal for spinning threads with large differences in thickness, unusual structure and combinations of materials. The orifice is approx. 15mm and the yarn guides is approx. 20mm.

The art yarn flyer consists of a new flyer, a metal orifice and 4 sliders with plastic rings. This art yarn flyer can be used on the spinning wheels Bliss and the Bliss TT of all construction years. Do you already have a new flyer? Then you can also use our new Art Yarn Kit, click here for more information.

Start spinning art yarn today and make the most beautiful creations.

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Dimensions 28 × 21 × 7 cm

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  1. Gregor

    I was very happy to try out the Art Yarn flyer from Woolmakers. I used it on my Bliss and I did not convert my own flyer, but used an extra Art Yarn flyer.
    What I love is, that it is so easy and affordable to turn your Bliss into an Art Yarn wheel. Its great that you don’t have to buy a completely new wheel but can just use a spare part. It is very easy to just remove my usual flyer and put the Art Yarn flyer on the machine.
    I tried several yarns and most of them work fine. The only thing I think could be improved is the metal stick from the usual flyer sitting in the middle of the Art Yarn hook. Thicker yarns and yarns with lose fibers (like lock spinning or coil spinning) tend to hang on the metal stick and won’t slide through to the spool easily. That can get a little annoying.
    Otherwise, I think this flyer works good and it’s great, that I have the chance to use my Bliss and just replace the flyer.
    For a following version i would wish for a flyer without the metal stick in the middle of the hook. Then it would be perfect.

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